Blue Door VR
Virtual Reality for your Event

Virtual reality is like a theme park ride at your event.

The HTC Vive we use provides a room-scale experience, meaning you can walk in, around, and through the world. It will all feel real when you meet a whale, battle robots, paint with fire, and so much more.

Top-of-the-line Equipment

Our high-end PC and virtual reality system provide the most incredible virtual experiences to date.

Guides to the Other Side

A friendly, knowledgeable staff member from Blue Door will guide you and your guests through your adventures.

Choose your adventures

We have a diverse library of experiences and games for you to choose from.

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Who’s behind Blue Door?

We’re a small team of software developers, event planners, and makers with a passion for experiences that move you. We travel to far-off virtual lands from the comfort of our home base in the Los Angeles area, and with you from event spaces throughout the great state of California.