New year, new goals. Exciting technologies and games have been emerging faster than you can believe in the world of VR, and 2017 promises to deliver great things at an even faster pace. Now’s the time to make your resolution to make the most out of virtual reality in the coming months.

This year, make sure to….

Go somewhere you’ve never been

Whether it’s time, disability, or day-to-day obligations that stop you from taking a trip, we all know travel and seeing new sights are good for you. VR makes it simple to step into another place. Experience Venice, Vesper Peak or a lava tube in The Lab, or explore satellite images of the whole of our planet in Google Earth. The options are endless.

Become a creator

You don’t have to be a developer (though this section applies doubly to you if you are) to create in VR. Anyone can get started making art in Tilt Brush, building wondrous creations in Minecraft, and more. Creating something new is fun, fulfilling, and as easy or challenging as you want it to be.

Think outside the box

For some reason, there’s three or four popular games in VR that begin with the premise of you working in an office. That’s right- gray cubicle walls, mug of coffee, awkwardly placed filing cabinet, a bog-standard office. It’s the sort of thing that doesn’t exactly scream fun. But it’s satisfying, somehow, to be there. One of the most valuable things I did in 2016 was give these games a chance. In 2017, try something that’s not usually your cup of tea. It’s worth it for the hidden gems.

Whatever you do in VR this year, make one resolution; be at the cutting edge. Try the most unique technology, the newest games, and the experiences unique to a virtual reality medium. You won’t regret it.


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