So you’ve tried virtual reality and want to share it, or maybe you’re looking to experience it for the first time. Whatever the case, if you’re ready to check out VR and want a totally new way to include it in your party or event, here’s a few inspirational ideas to get you started. Give your guests…

  1. An incredibly unique photo-op

Mixed reality, a way of matching up a camera in virtual reality and in real life, offers the opportunity to get pictures and video of your guests in the very same world they’re experiencing. Picture yourself at the top of a mountain or fighting a monster; now that’s cool!

2. A way to give guests a taste of what’s to come

Having a going-away party? Set up Google Earth VR and show off your new town! From a birds-eye view to standing near local landmarks, there’s no better way to show your family and friends where you’re going.

3. A digital guest book like no other

Any occasion that would benefit from a guest book can take advantage of the camera and recording functions of Tilt Brush. After your guests have tried a couple games, set them up on Tilt Brush to add their messages of love and celebration. Whether they leave art or text, the resulting video of the air filling with your loved ones’ best wishes is worth experiencing both in VR or on your computer.

4. Go head-to-head

Everyone likes a little friendly competition. Offer a small prize for the highest score on your favorite VR game and let your guests compete for the honors!

5. Learn a little something

Holding a benefit event, or just have a cause near and dear to your heart? Pick a video or experience that lets your guests immerse themselves in the world you want them to be thinking of. Invite them to meet sealife in theBlu, take a walk in Yosemite park, and more.

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