Virtual Reality is transporting people all over the world into new dimensions of gaming, exploring, and celebrating. From multiplayer games to travel experiences, it’s the perfect centerpiece and conversation starter for any occasion. If you’re looking to give your guests an adventure they’ll never forget here are six exciting reasons to include VR in your next event.

VR is right for your budget.

Virtual Reality used to be a mind-blowing special effect only seen in hundred million dollar sci-fi blockbusters. New technology has finally made premium VR accessible for any special occasion. With a variety of options and add-ons, Blue Door VR can find the right service for you, your event, and your budget.

There’s something for every occasion in VR.

Whether you’re hosting a wedding, a corporate event, party, school dance, birthday party, or any special gathering, VR is a great addition to your event. Break  the ice with a little Space Pirate Trainer or playing picturades in Tilt Brush.


A VR pop-up fits any schedule and is no work for you.

With flexible time options and dedicated staff, Blue Door VR makes including virtual reality in your event a no-brainer. A staff member sets up and stays with the pop-up at all times to keep things running to ensure delighted guests and a smooth event.

Set the tone of your event with a customized adventure menu.

From battling robots, to painting with fire, to walking through National Parks and famous monuments, VR fits right in with every crowd. Work with knowledgeable Blue Door VR staff to select games and adventures with the themes you’re looking for.

There are magical takeaways from a VR experience.

Packages including printed pictures and greenscreen options. Send your guest home with a tangible piece of your party. And every Blue Door VR event leaves them raving about the experience.


VR brings guests together.

When you’re in virtual reality, you’re not alone. You’ll be seeing what each player is seeing on eye-catching screen setups. Guests will cheer each other on and share their impressions, heightening the excitement and encouraging them to meet new people.


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