Virtual Reality Hits L.A. County

(Title image: Los Angeles as seen in Google Earth VR by Google) VR draws crowds in Los Angeles It’s time to call it-- 2017 is the year of Virtual Reality. With VRLA Expo coming fast, [...]

Where to Find VR This Year

The reach of virtual reality is expanding. With new software and hardware comes more engaging and realistic graphics, and with creators pouring in comes incredible experiences and stories. Now, the rest of the world is [...]

Pygmalion to Daydream: Steps to Modern VR

In 1935, Stanley G. Weinbaum published a short story titled “Pygmalion’s Spectacles.” In it, a professor describes his fantastic invention; a pair of goggles that engages all the senses and allows the wearer to place [...]

3 Resolutions for using VR in 2017

New year, new goals. Exciting technologies and games have been emerging faster than you can believe in the world of VR, and 2017 promises to deliver great things at an even faster pace. Now's the [...]

5 Creative Ways to Make VR a Part of your Event

So you've tried virtual reality and want to share it, or maybe you're looking to experience it for the first time. Whatever the case, if you're ready to check out VR and want a totally [...]

Taking the Next Step: Movement in VR

Motion in VR has always been a tricky prospect; there’s a battle between the desire for between fluid, realistic motion, and nausea-inducing flight-like movement that can create. As someone who has trouble with 3D movies, [...]